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Each settlement blog category is designed to expand on the topics already discussed. You should first read the sections on researching fair market value, negotiations, and small claims court before proceeding with the settlement blog posts. (more…)

Why Industry Standard is a Weak Tactic

One of the most intimidating negotiating techniques used on the vehicle valuation report is the so called industry standard technique.  Where the adjuster explains how the industry derived those values.   Since we are individuals fighting against a whole organization we do not have the luxury (more…)

Negotiation Educating or Training

At Car Claim Relief we don’t train on auto negotiating tactics we educate you on auto negotiating methods, tactics and understanding your adversary.  The difference is training gives you information on specifically how to do something.  In auto insurance claim negotiations you cannot anticipate what your adversary will say.  You have to be able to think quickly and then react.  Training cannot perform that function. (more…)

Benefits of Being the Non Fault Driver

The non fault driver has an advantage when conducting insurance settlement negotiations. First and most important you can file your claim through the other insurance company. That option makes you not bound by your insurance contract. Your claim is against the other driver’s insurance policy. You now have increased your rights in trying to negotiate a fair settlement. (more…)

3 Reasons You Don’t Want Your Car Totaled

Receiving fair market value for your vehicle is a good thing.  However what if that doesn’t solve your problem? You need to purchase another vehicle. What if you have bad credit? What if you can’t afford another payment in your budget? What if you owe more money on the totaled vehicle? (more…)

Why GAP Insurance May Not Help With A Totaled Vehicle

It’s easy to believe leasing a car that includes GAP insurance will protect you from any leasing company liability, when your leased vehicle is totaled.  However that may not be the case.  Common among all GAP insurance policies are exclusions. (more…)

Does Your Insurance Agent Work For You?

When you’re in an auto accident besides calling the phone numbers provided to file a claim you probably call your insurance agent.  Notifying your insurance agent gives you piece of mind that someone personally cares about your situation.  However does your insurance agent really get involved in your claim? (more…)

When Is $100 Worth $1,000 To An Insurance Company?

When researching fair market value there are four classifications of vehicle condition.  The price difference between each condition is significantly different.  A vehicle on a used car dealer lot is said to be dealer ready. (more…)

How to Validate an Auto Insurance Settlement Offer

Before the Internet the insurance appraiser was the go to person to determine resale value.  However in today’s time information is abundant especially in common vehicle values.  It is very easy to get find the value for a five year old Honda Accord. (more…)

Does Your Auto Insurance Company Offer Better Settlement Service?

If you are not the ‘At Fault’ driver then you have the option of filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company.   Will you receive the same service? (more…)

Why Documentation Gives You Negotiation Strength

It is easy to have phone negotiations, but they work to the advantage of insurance companies.  Why because there is no physical documentation.  All written correspondence is saved by an insurance company. (more…)

How To Gain Auto Claim Negotiating Leverage

To truly confuse and catch off guard your insurance claim representative in the beginning of your negotiation do not use anything from Car Claim Relief.  Make the claim representative think you are an easy close. (more…)

How Insurance Claim Reps Use Your Ignorance in Negotiations

If you own an Auto-body Collision Repair business or you are an attorney the insurance agent is going to treat you totally different.  However for the rest of us it we don’t have that luxury. (more…)

When Is Fair Market Value Not Fair Market Value?

Most people upon having a non injury related auto accident try and ascertain the value of their vehicle.  They research an approximate Fair Market Value for their car or truck and start planning on what they will do upon receiving their settlement offer. (more…)

3 Benefits of an Auto Insurance Negotiation Education

At car claim relief we don’t train on negotiating tactics we educate you on negotiating methods, tactics and understanding your adversary.  The difference is training gives you information on specifically how to do something.  In negotiations you cannot anticipate what your adversary will say. (more…)

How Do Insurance Companies Define Auto Total Loss?

Insurance companies define total loss as exceeding the maximum value they are willing to pay to repair a vehicle.  The maximum value varies between insurance companies but can range from 60 percent to 85 percent of the total value of the vehicle.  The totaled value of the vehicle is considered the Fair Market Value. (more…)

How Do Successful Auto Claim Representatives Operate?

In sales there are quotas that need to be met.  There are various techniques a successful salesperson will use to achieve their goals. Insurance claim representatives also have quotas or performance indicators to measure their success.  How can you use that information to your advantage? (more…)